EMC Compo 2019 Hangzhou, China

EMC Compo 2017 - St. Petersburg, Russia

The 11th International Workshop on Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuits, EMC Compo 2017, has been organized by Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI", St. Petersburg, Russia, Tue 4th – Friday 7th July 2017.

EMC Compo 2021

EMC Compo 2021 will be chaired by Prof. Davy Pissoort and organized in Bruges, Belgium, Autumn 2021

Technical Program Committee

  • Adrijan Baric     University of Zagreb     Croatia
  • Alexandre Boyer     LAAS-CNRS     France
  • Andre Durier   IRT St Exupery   France
  • Bart Boesman Melexis Belgium
  • Bernd Deutschmann     Technical University of Graz     Austria
  • Bertrand Vrignon     NXP     France
  • Bob Scully NASA Johnson Space Center    USA
  • Davide Pandini     ST Microelectronics     Italy
  • David Pommerenke     MUST    USA
  • ErPing Li     A*STAR     Singapore
  • Etienne Sicard     INSA Toulouse     France
  • Fabian Vargas     PUCRS     Brazil
  • Franco Fiori     Politecnico di Torino     Italy
  • Frank Klotz     Infineon     Germany
  • Frederic Lafon     Valeo     France
  • HarkByeong Park     Samsung     South Korea
  • Hideki Sasaki     Renesas Electronics Corporation     Japan
  • Hugo Pues     Melexis     Belgium
  • Hyun Ho Park     The University of Suwon     South Korea
  • Jack Kruppa     Infineon     Germany
  • Jan Niehof     NXP     Netherlands
  • Jean-Michel Redoute     Monash University     Australia
  • Jeremy Raoult    Montpellier University     France
  • Jianfei Wu     NUDT     China
  • John Dawson    University of York  England
  • Kieran O' Leary     Mixed Signal Systems     United Kingdom
  • Kamel Abouda    NXP     France
  • Mart Coenen     EMCMCC     Netherlands
  • Masahiro Yamaguchi     Tohoku University     Japan
  • Matthieu Deloge    NXP     France
  • Mauro Merlo     ST Microelectronics     Italy
  • Mohamed Ramdani     ESEO Angers     France
  • Osami Wada     Kyoto University     Japan
  • Ramiro Serra   TU Eindhoven  Netherlands
  • Renaud Gillon     ON Semiconductor     Belgium
  • Richard Perdriau     ESEO Angers     France
  • Sergey Shaposhnikov Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University Russia
  • Sergey Miropolsky Infineon Germany
  • Shih-yi Yuan     Feng Chia University     Taiwan
  • Sonia Ben Dhia     LAAS-CNRS     France
  • Thomas Steinecke     Infineon     Germany
  • Todd Hubing     Clemson University     United States
  • Umberto Paoletti     Hitachi Ltd.     Japan
  • Wolfgang Wilkening     Bosch     Germany

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Past EMC Compo Events

Past EMC Compo Events - EMC Compo Workshops
  • The 8th International Workshop EMC Compo 11 has been organized on November 6-9, 2011, in Dubrovnik, Croatia. General chair: Renaud Gillon, ON Semiconductor Belgium; Technical program chairs: Georges Gielen, K.U. Leuven, Adrijan Baric, Univ. of Zagreb
  • The 7th International Workshop EMC Compo 2009 was held in Toulouse, France, Nov 17th-19th, 2009. It has coincided with the 10th Anniversary of the first EMC compo workshop. General chair: Prof. Etienne SICARD, INSA Toulouse, Scientific Chair: Sonia Ben Dhia, INSA Toulouse, Scientific Co-chair: Bertrand Vrignon, Freescale Toulouse
  • The 6th International Workshop EMC Compo 2007 was help November 28th - 30th, 2007 at Centro Congressi Unione Industriale, Torino, Italy. General Chair: Prof. Franco Fiori, Politecnico di Torino, Co-Chair: Prof. Vincenzo Pozzolo, Politecnico di Tori
  • The 5th International Workshop EMC Compo 2005 was organized on November 28th - 30th, 2005 in Munich, Germany by FhG IZM and Infineon. General chair: Thomas Steinecke, Infineon, Munich. 

  • The 4th International Workshop EMC Compo 2004 was organized in March 31st - April 1st, 2004, Angers, France. Organized by ESEO, Angers, France, General chair: Mohamed Ramdani, professor ESEO  
  • The 3rd International Workshop EMC Compo 2002, for the first time all in English, was organized at Hotel ATRIA, Toulouse, France, 14-15 Nov 2002, on behalf of IERSET research institute. General chair: Etienne Sicard, INSA/Toulouse, France
  • The 2nd Workshop CEM Compo 2000 was organized at Hotel ATRIA, Toulouse, France, June 28-29, 2000. The workshop was in French, on behalf of IERSET research institute. General chair: Etienne Sicard, INSA/Toulouse, France
  • The 1rst Workshop on CEM Compo 1999 was organized at INSA Toulouse, Toulouse, France, Jan. 14-15, 1999, in French, on behalf of IERSET research institute. General chair: Etienne Sicard, INSA/Toulouse, France
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